Alaska’s Crystal Glaciers Water
The source of Crystal Glacier Water is Alaska’s Eklutna Glacier, One of the most natural pure sources of water.  Water found here has been safely stored for thousands of years and is un-recycled as are most other bottled water sources.

Elegant Bottle
Crystal Glacier Water is not only the healthiest, purest, and best tasting water on earth, these premium waters are housed in a beautiful elegantly uniquely designed etched glass bottle that adds class and creates the perfect ambiance for any occasion along with it’s spectacular electrifying blue glow.

Superior Taste
No other water on earth is more pure and tastes better than water from Alaska's glaciers. Our premium bottled water is among the best tasting bottled water on earth.

Fine restaurants and eating establishments around the world have discovered this unique one of a kind bottled water and have chosen to add Crystal Glacier Water to their menu choice.

Crystal Blue Glacier
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